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Welcome to Eckankar in Ohio!

"My main job is to awaken the knowledge and love for the divine things that are already in your heart. You are Soul. You are a child of God.
"And your spiritual destiny is to become a Co-worker with God, to spread divine love to all those around you."
- Harold Klemp, Welcome to the Wonderful World of ECK! Your Membership Guidebook, p. 5.
Harold Klemp talks about Soul Travel, health, dreams, and more.
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Eckankar in Ohio offers local and online ECK Events for Spiritual Growth.
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What is a Spiritual Exercise?

Eckankar teaches simple spiritual exercises to experience the Light and Sound of God. Spiritual exercises enable you to begin to go out and actively explore the inner worlds of your own being... Read more
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Is It Time To Remember
Why You Came To Earth?

Do you feel there is more to you - and life - than meets the eye?

Past Lives

Discover connections
in your life today


Remember and interpret
your dreams

Soul Travel

Truth that life exists beyond death
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